The Coiled Viper (The Secrets of Droon #19)

The Coiled Viper (The Secrets of Droon #19)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 131


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lord Sparr is back... and meaner than ever! This time, he is in search of the Coiled Viper, an ancient magical object of unknown, incredible power. Princess Keeah and her Upper World friends - Eric, Neal, and Julie - know they have to stop Sparr from uncovering the Viper. But there's one little catch. The Viper can't be found in Droon... because it's hidden somewhere in the Upper World!

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manners!” said Neal. “Here. Try this on for size!” He ran over with a garden bucket and dropped it over the Ninn’s head. “Yep. It fits!” Keeah sent a blast of blue light at four more Ninns, tumbling them over the patio wall. “Get the boy!” two new warriors grunted, chasing Eric across the yard to the swing set. He jumped onto the swing, pumped twice, and kicked both warriors as they lunged. “Bombs away!” said Julie, pummeling the downed Ninns with ripe apples. “More warriors in the front

tenders, and melting ice cream. “Uh, Eric,” said Neal as they raced in, “either your parents are getting sloppy or the Ninns just discovered your fridge.” “Give me that mustard!” snapped a voice. “Those are my cookies!” snarled another. “My parents!” Eric gasped. Galen pulled open the basement door to see Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle struggling with a pair of hungry Ninns on the stairs. “Excuse me!” Galen grabbed the Ninns by their ears and dragged them down the basement stairs. The kids jumped down

between the pizza place and the cleaners. There’s no way out.” “I’m there!” said Neal, pouring on the speed. “Ha! We’ve got it!” Eric tore around the restaurant just as Julie fluttered to the ground. Neal was already in the alley, standing in the middle of three high brick walls, staring ahead. His mouth was open, his eyes were gaping. “Don’t tell me you lost it?” asked Julie. “I didn’t lose it,” Neal said. “Well, not exactly. I mean, I saw where it went.” “Then let’s follow it,” said

Droon had changed them, too. For one thing, Eric had gained his own wizard powers. And ever since Julie was scratched by a wingwolf, she had been able to fly. Sometimes, she could even change shape. “Speaking of you know where,” said Eric as he pulled a notebook from his backpack, “I keep remembering what Keeah said once. That our two worlds are tied closely together.” “That’s for sure,” said Julie. “Especially now that Sparr is actually here in our world.” Eric shivered. Sparr was in the

cape!” said Neal, grabbing a long violet-colored cloth and tying it around his neck. He also wound a scarf over his face. Just as he was about to choose a color, Eric heard a strangely familiar sound. “Glemf!” “The froggy guy!” he said. “I hear it —” Eric tiptoed to the back wall of the tent and peeked out between the curtains. When he did, he found himself staring nose to nose with the green creature he had seen in the library. “It’s you!” cried Eric. “It’s him!” the creature shrieked at

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