The Comedy of Errors (The Pelican Shakespeare)

The Comedy of Errors (The Pelican Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 90

ISBN: 1539627926

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I feel that I have spent half my career with one or another Pelican Shakespeare in my back pocket.

Convenience, however, is the least important aspect of the new Pelican Shakespeare series. Here is an elegant and clear text for either the study or the rehearsal room, notes where you need them and the distinguished scholarship of the general editors, Stephen Orgel and A. R. Braunmuller who understand that these are plays for performance as well as great texts for contemplation.
(Patrick Stewart)

The distinguished Pelican Shakespeare series, which has sold more than four million copies, is now completely revised and repackaged.

Each volume features:
* Authoritative, reliable texts
* High quality introductions and notes
* New, more readable trade trim size
* An essay on the theatrical world of Shakespeare and essays on Shakespeare's life and the selection of texts

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sergeant, to tarry for the hoy Delay. Here are the [36] angels that you sent for to deliver you. S. ANTIPHOLUS The fellow is distract, and so am I; And here we wander in illusions. Some blessed power deliver us from hence! Enter a Courtezan. COURTEZAN Well met, well met, Master [40] Antipholus. I see, sir, you have found the goldsmith now. Is that the chain you promis’d me to-day? S. ANTIPHOLUS Satan, avoid! I charge thee, tempt me not. S. DROMIO Master, is this Mistress Satan?

Syracusa. I see thy age and dangers make thee dote. Re-enter the Abbess, with ANTIPHOLUS of Syracuse and DROMIO of Syracuse. ABBESS Most mighty Duke, behold a man much wrong’d. [All gather to see them. [330] ADRIANA I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me. DUKE One of these men is genius to the other; And so of these. Which is the natural man, And which the spirit? Who deciphers them? S. DROMIO I, sir, am Dromio; command him away. [335] E. DROMIO I, sir, am Dromio; pray let me

messenger. ADRIANA Back, slave, or I will break thy pate across. E. DROMIO And he will bless that cross with other beating; [80] Between you I shall have a holy head. ADRIANA Hence, prating peasant! Fetch thy master home. E. DROMIO Am I so round with you, as you with me, That like a football you do spurn me thus? You spurn me hence, and he will spurn me [84] hither; If I last in this service, you must case me in leather. [Exit. LUCIANA Fie, how impatience loureth in your face!

what my sorrow gives me leave. In Syracusa was I born, and wed Unto a woman, happy but for me, And by me, had not our hap been bad. [40] With her I liv’d in joy; our wealth increas’d By prosperous voyages I often made To Epidamnum; till my factor’s death, And the great care of goods at random left, Drew me from kind embracements of my spouse; [45] From whom my absence was not six months old, Before herself, almost at fainting under The pleasing punishment that women bear, Had made

your master, Say he dines forth, and let no creature enter. [210] Come, sister. Dromio, play the porter well. S. ANTIPHOLUS Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell? Sleeping or waking, mad or well-advis’d? Known unto these, and to myself diguis’d! I’ll say as they say, and persever so, [215] And in this mist at all adventures go. S. DROMIO Master, shall I be porter at the gate? ADRIANA Ay; and let none enter, lest I break your pate. LUCIANA Come, come, Antipholus, we dine too late.

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