The Dead Drop (Gilda Joyce, Book 4)

The Dead Drop (Gilda Joyce, Book 4)

Jennifer Allison

Language: English

Pages: 165

ISBN: B00D5FE184

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Gilda lands a summer internship at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., she finds herself caught up in both a museum haunting and a real case of espionage. While investigating a cemetery where Abraham Lincoln?s son was once buried, Gilda stumbles upon a spy?s ?dead drop? of classified information. As she tries to decode the cryptic message, Gilda realizes her case is not only a matter of investigating the supernatural; she?s involved in an urgent matter of national security and faces her most serious challenge yet.

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“You know. How can we really be sure he isn’t secretly spying for the Russians? Like in the Spy Museum, I read about that guy Yuri Nosenko who defected, but they locked him up and kept questioning him because they thought he might be a Soviet dangle or a mole.” “I see you’ve been studying your spy terms.” “I’ve been talking this way forever.” “I think we can be sure he’s switched sides for good. For one thing, he can’t exactly go back to Russia again; if anything, he’s worried that some

trying to determine whether the other was bluffing, whether the other would back down. Gilda had a fleeting memory of her father complaining about “Washington bureaucrats.” Realizing that Ms. Potts was stubborn enough to stand there all day without budging from her position, Gilda decided she had no choice but to call her new roommate for help. “Excuse me, Ms. Potts. I’ll speak to Caitlin Merrill about this.” Gilda turned away from the desk and dialed Caitlin’s number. “National Criminal

anything,” said Caitlin, licking a serving spoon coated with marshmallow cream, “but it’s scary how well I can analyze handwriting. My friends practically think I’m psychic.” Caitlin paused to flip the sandwiches that were sizzling on the stove. “The thing is, it’s kind of a problem because as soon as I see a handwriting sample from someone I’m dating, I also see all their problems. It’s like their whole personality is on paper in front of me.” Gilda nodded. “That’s exactly the kind of skill I

train. She waited on the platform, sensing the fuming impatience of weary people staring silently at each other across the tracks. Deciding she might as well contemplate the next steps in her investigation while she waited for the train, Gilda pulled one of her photographs of the dead-drop message from her purse to examine it for more clues. A moment later, the skin on the back of her neck felt warm: she could literally feel someone staring at her—looking over her shoulder. Gilda turned to see

intelligence issues for the Washington Post.” I’d love to ask Boris a few questions myself, Gilda thought, watching as Boris answered the reporter’s questions while shaking hands with friends who passed by. I’d like to find out exactly why he got rid of those artifacts he donated to the museum. But Jasper wouldn’t like it if I put him on the spot in front of all these people; I’m sure he doesn’t want a story about a haunting at the Spy Museum turning up in the Washington Post. Gilda spotted a

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