The Dirty Joke Book

The Dirty Joke Book

Mr. K

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 0806521260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is simply filled with any number of dirty jokes. Designed for anyone who enjoys that style of humor.

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Giant Book of Dirty Jokes














two hands on this then!" 62 WHAT oo you get when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with an atheist? Someone who knocks on your door for no reason. ••• "HEY, GRAlo!J's," little Johnny said, "can you lm1ta.te a bullfrog?" "Why do you want to know?" his grandpa asked. " 'Cuz Mommy said when you croak, we' re all gonna go to Disneyland!" ••• WHAT's the difference between "Oh" and "Ahhhhhl" About five inches. How do you know Ck>d is a. man? In five b1llion years, the planets haven't been rearranged.

doctor says. "I guarantee you it will work." That evening, the husband drops a pill in his wife's drink. For the hell of it, he drops one in his drink, believing that if it's good for her, then it must be good for him. Just to be safe, he drops two more pills in her drink, then drops two in his. They down their drinks. Ten minutes later, his wife leaps off of her chair and rips off her clothes. "God a.lm1ghtyl" the wife excla.1ms. "I really feel like having a. man right nowl" "That's funny," the

call Hee Haw in Tennessee? A documentary. • •• WHAT oo you call Hee Haw in Kentucky? Lifestyles of the Rich a.nd Famous . ••• WHY ARB men like mascara? They usually run at the first sign of emotion. ••• WHY ARE men like chocolate bars? They're sweet and smooth and usua.lly bead !or your hips. 126 WHV nm they raise the m1nlmum dr1nklng 8.€8 ln West Virginia to 30? They wanted to keep alcohol out or the high schools. ••• IT's EIGHT in the morning at a Las Vegas caslno. Two bored

whistle 'Di.xie?' Fuck youl " ••• Two GUYS are stranded in the desert. They haven't eaten anyth.lng in a month. As they crawl in the hot sun and sand, one of them looks up and sees a dead, rotting vulture, covered with maggots with its guts spl..l.l1ng out. .. Finally I Foodl " the first man says. "You're gonna eat that?" the other man asks. "Sure. Why not? It's a bird, ain't it?" "It doesn't exactly look too fresh . It's got m ag· gots and bugs and-it's gross! " "I don' t care. I n

the box a.nd sees a bullfrog with a long tongue. "I'd like to see you prove it," she says. "Take me to your apartment and I will. " They go to her place, where she proceeds to strip naked on her bed. The man takes out the frog and puts it between her legs. The frog sits there and doesn't move. "Well?" "Okay, asshole," the guys says to the frog. "This is the last time I show you how it's done." II 11 ••• do dog shit and women have in common? The older they become the easier they are to pick W

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