The Emerald Berries (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)

The Emerald Berries (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)

Poppy Green

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1481428357

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this second book of The Adventures of Sophie Mouse, Sophie and her friend Hattie Frog go on a daring adventure through the woods in search of some special art supplies!

In the second book in The Adventures of Sophie Mouse, Sophie learns about some special emerald berries that will make the most perfect color for a painting she wants to do! But the seamstress who’s using the berries tells Sophie that they can only be found in one part of the forest: Weedsnag Way. Though that’s far from home, and a little scary, Sophie convinces her best friend, Hattie Frog, that they will be fine.

But all is not quite fine, and the girls get lost along the way! Thanks to the help of a squirrel who disappeared from Pine Needle Grove years ago, Sophie and Hattie find the emerald berries…and their way home!

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Adventures of Sophie Mouse chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

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Contents Chapter 1: Forest Friends Chapter 2: A Trip to Town Chapter 3: Sophie Makes a Deal Chapter 4: The Journey Begins Chapter 5: What’s That Sound? Chapter 6: Lost! Chapter 7: The Way to Weedsnag Way Chapter 8: Harry Higgins’s Home Chapter 9: Hattie’s Secret Chapter 10: The Whole Truth Forget-Me-Not Lake Excerpt About Poppy Green and Jennifer A. Bell Forest Friends In the heart of Silverlake Forest, a mouse, a frog, and a snake talked and played by a stream. It was just another

water, a sweater, a hat, and a scarf. Finally, she tucked in a tin of mint-leaf biscuits. Hattie loved those. Then, all dressed, with her sack on her back, she paused at the front door of the silent cottage. Everyone else was still asleep. She didn’t want to tell her parents where she was going. They might say she couldn’t go. But it didn’t feel right just leaving. So Sophie wrote a note: She left it on the table. It’s not the whole truth, thought Sophie. But it’s most of it. Hattie was

joined up with the brook. Now it was more like a river. The water got rougher and faster-moving. Sophie and Hattie continued on through the woods along the riverbank. Soon Sophie started to hear a sound. It seemed far off, but it was constant, like a gust of wind blowing on and on. As they walked, Sophie noticed that the sound was getting louder. Sophie looked at Hattie. “Do you hear that?” she asked. Hattie nodded. “What is it?” Sophie didn’t know. But she was curious to find out. She

imagination?” Sophie looked up. The tall trees and their leaves were blocking out most of the sunshine. “It does seem very . . . shady,” Sophie said. They walked on a while longer. A cold gust of wind blew past. Sophie’s teeth started to chatter. “Is it colder here, too?” Hattie asked. Sophie nodded. “That definitely was a brisk breeze,” she said. She pulled her scarf from her sack. She wrapped it around Hattie’s neck. “There. Better?” Nearby, an owl hooted loudly in the trees. Startled,

any time.” Sophie and Hattie smiled. “We will!” “And when you do,” Harry added, “might you bring me something from that wonderful little bakery in town? Perhaps a marigold cupcake with blueberry icing?” Harry rubbed his tummy. Sophie laughed. “We could do that!” she said. “In fact, I know the owner very well.” The Whole Truth Passing back through Weedsnag Way, Sophie gathered enough of the emerald berries to fill her pockets and Hattie’s. Then Harry led them back to the spot where they’d

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