The Greatest Comic Book Covers of All Time

The Greatest Comic Book Covers of All Time

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The best comic book covers spanning some 70 years selected and organized by artists, experts and fans.

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Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated #1 (Aug 50) Art by H.C. Kiefer Seaboard attempted to give its adaptations a touch of class with this cover treatment, though the first issue featured an adventure hero. Secret Six #1 (May 68) Art by Frank Springer Seldom in the history of newsstand comics has a comic book begun its story on the front cover of the issue. Was it a successful marketing tool? Well, it was a mystery novel that was canceled before the mystery was solved. Superman:

other cases, what was once an innocent cover or phrase can now induce laughter in a modern reader. Charlton Premiere Vol. 2 #2 (Nov 67) art by Pat Boyette Artist Pat Boyette wasn’t the first to include a phallic symbol on a cover, and he certainly won’t be the last. If you say, “Blast off!” you should be ashamed of yourself. (By the way, the story “Children of Doom” by Boyette and writer Denny O’Neil is considered a classic in the field.) Tense Suspense #1 (Dec 58) Art by Dick

had their own view of the world, based on their limited experiences. The gimmick that hooked young readers was that they could feel smarter than Sugar and Spike, because the reader knew what was going on. The toddlers, on the other hand, could only talk baby talk and were often bewildered by the world around them. Four Color Comics #223: Wonder and absurdity blend in an adventure many consider the best Donald Duck tale of all. — Tony Isabella 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, 2009 SHAZAM!

last long and (b) was not the Comics Code from later in the decade. No zombies in that Comics Code. None. Crazy #4 (Mar 54) Art by Joe Maneely Even Marvel’s humor magazines had a zombie tie-in. (And this must have been aimed at older readers. For those not familiar with mixed drinks, a zombie is a combination of fruit juices, rum, and brandy.) Menace #9 (Jan 54) Art by Gene Colan Decades before Robert Kirkman turned The Walking Dead into a successful ongoing series (and more than

GANGWAY! Woo hoo! Here he comes! Here they come! They won’t let brick walls or a circus hoop stand in their way — so they sure won’t let the paper stock on the issue’s cover keep them from leaping right out at you! Wow, they are eager! And tough! (And, yes, Giant-Size X-Men #1 could be included in this group, but remember we just used it on Page 37.) Detective Comics #38 (Apr 40) Art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson Robin burst onto the scene as one of the first costumed-hero sidekicks.

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