The Magic Escapes (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #1)

The Magic Escapes (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #1)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 181


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The magic of Droon explodes with the first-ever Special Edition! An enhanced eye-catching package with foil and a special sticker bind-in make this book irresistible for DROON fans!

Magic is on the move... into the real world. As Eric and his friends venture beyond the jeweled door and down the dark stairway, they enter a whole new chapter in their Droon adventures. They enter the "Upper World" -- our world. In this exciting special edition, for the first time ever, the magical world of Droon is expanding into the real world. Wizards, goblins, and all kinds of magical mischief are in store -- and this time, it's not just a wonder of Droon. It's a reality.

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Salamandra’s sleek green boat was speeding away. “She’ll find Droon,” said Max. “She’ll try to destroy it, too.” Keeah looked across the canals to see the sunlight glinting off the jeweled door on the far shore. “We’ll never stop her in time.” “Ho, there! Do you need a ride?” called a voice. The old boatman waved from the water, his beat-up canal boat bobbing on the waves. “Excuse me, but in that old boat?” said Neal. “We need something a little faster —” “Ah, but while you were inside, I’ve

building to another, stepping once, twice, then pushing off to the next rooftop. “How are you doing this?” Eric asked. The stranger grinned. “I imagine myself as a bird. It’s quite simple, after all.” “But —” The man took an impossible jump from the top of one roof to another far away, pulling Eric with him. Eric even thought he saw a flash of blue feathers on the stranger’s shoulders. “You’ve got to be a wizard,” said Eric when they touched down. “I am, and from a long line of them, too,”

dragon’s waist was an apron. On top of his head, set between a pair of long, floppy ears, was a puffy, muffin-shaped hat. “Jabbo is late, and Salamandra will send her green gobbies after him, dear, dear — oh — oh!” The chubby dragon staggered back when he saw the children. His tail slapped the street excitedly. “Don’t hurt Jabbo. Jabbo’s only a humble little pie maker — wait. You’re not gobbies.” “No,” said Keeah as the four friends emerged from the shadows. “We’re not goblins.” “And we won’t

Taking a deep breath, Eric knocked. There was no answer. He lifted the latch. And the door swung open quietly. The room inside was small and tidy but empty. On a table near the bed, a thick candle flared, casting golden light over some curled papers. Julie went over to them. “Your stranger guy left his light on,” said Neal. “Do you think we should wait?” “I think so,” said Keeah. “At least until the spell fades and the goblins chase us out.” Eric went to the large round window and looked out

a floppy hat that sank down over his eyes. While the man untied the boat, Urik took the children aside. “I know he’s old, but he says he knows the way. It’s too dangerous to go alone.” The kids looked across the water. The canals snaked like a maze around the black fortress. “Well, get in, if you’re getting in!” the boatman boomed. “It’ll be light soon.” One by one, they climbed into the boat. When they were all aboard, the old man dipped a long wooden pole into the water and pushed away from

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