The Mystery of the Missing Man (Rewards)

The Mystery of the Missing Man (Rewards)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0416174523

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Part of the "Rewards" series covering a range of Enid Blyton's work from her stories for the very young, such as the adventures of "Brer Rabbit" and "Amelia Jane", to stories for older children including the "Malory Towers" books. This book follows the adventures of the Five Find-Outers.

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Once Upon a Northern Night















come to think of it he might have had a scar under it. Bless me, if he wasn’t the man!” �GOON,” said the Chief, in a dangerous voice. �Kindly stop gabbling and listen to me. WHERE was this fellow?” �Er - well, sir - funny thing, sir, but he was in that Frederick Trotteville’s garden, down in his shed,” said Goon. �I was called in by a young lady staying there, sir. Buster, that Scottie, he went for the old tramp fiercely, and must have bitten his ankles to the bone. Real savage he was, sir.”

looked at them specially. They’re smooth - almost like a woman’s hands.” �Anyway - if he was the fellow we want, he wouldn’t go about openly like that with no disguise,” said Fatty. �It’s just a fluke that he’s like him. We can wash him out.” �Let’s just look into the shooting-range once more,” said Daisy. They went back to it, passing the old woman sitting on a chair outside. She called to them in a cracked voice. �Take a shot, young sir, take a shot!” �No, thanks,” said Fatty, and looked in

here, sir. Er - I wonder if you’d tell me if Mr. Goon has got in touch with you recently about the escaped prisoner case, sir? Several things have happened, and…” �Yes. I know. And Goon wanted a warrant to search a caravan camp,” said the Inspector’s voice. �I said he could have one tomorrow. Have you unearthed any fresh news about the case, Frederick?” �Well no, sir,” said poor Fatty. �I mean - I’ve got clues that just don’t seem to lead anywhere. I can’t help thinking that the only thing to

that they meant that a very large foot was inside them - the foot of a man, not an old woman! And then there was the quarrel in the caravan, when I heard two men’s voices - and yet only one man was there! And I just didn’t have the sense to fit the second voice on to somebody who was there - I couldn’t understand why there were only three people when there should have been a fourth! Of course the second man’s voice belonged to old Mrs. Fangio, who was using her - I mean his - proper man’s voice

�Right,” said Fatty. �Will you tell Larry and Daisy, or shall I?” �We will,” said Bets. �Have you got any news, Fatty? Anything exciting happening?” She heard Fatty’s laugh at the other end of the phone. �What do you mean? You surely don’t think I’ve got a mystery up my sleeve already? Not a hope! As a matter of fact, I’m rather fed-up about something. Tell you when I see you. So long!” Bets put down her receiver, and went to tell Pip. He was eating the last piece of toast and was alone in the

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