The official Michiganians' guide to Ohio jokes

The official Michiganians' guide to Ohio jokes

Richard Loren Rahn

Language: English

Pages: 71

ISBN: B0006YFA64

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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ISBN 0- 96133- 11-Q- 0 $3.25 HERE THEY ARE! ALL THE JOKES YOU SENT IN! THE OFFICIAL MICWGANIANS' GUIDE TO OWOJOKES by Richard Loren Rahn Whoever said, ''Love thy neighbor,·' didn't live next to Ohio. THE OFFICIAL MICHIGANIANS' GUIDE TO OHIO JOKES THE OFFICIAL MICHIGANIANS' GUIDE TO OHIO JOKES by Richard Loren Rahn SHENANDOAH PRESS BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN Second Printing, 1985 Copyright © 1983 by Richard Rahn All rights reserved. Published by Shenandoah Press P.O. Box 1090

minutes!! *** How does the average Ohioan spell farm? E IE I 0 . 21 Did you hear about the Ohio man who sued his brains for nonsupport! *** Why are there no skydivers from Ohio? What good is a parachute if you can't count to ten?! *** What is an awkward animal with a trunk? An Ohioan on vacation!! *** 22 3 WOMEN OF OHIO I'll never forget my first trip to Ohio, but I'm trying. *** What is the difference between Bigfoot and an Ohio girl? One is 750 lbs., is covered with matted hair and

them! *** Did you hear what happened to the Ohio State ice hockey team? They all drowned during spring training!! 41 The freshman farm boy showed up at the spring try-outs for the OSU football team. When asked by the coach what position he wanted to play, he said quarterback. The coach handed him the football and said, "Do you think you can pass this ball?" "Hell," the boy said, " If I can swallow it, I can pass it! " *** 42 6 SEXINOHIO Whoever said, "Love thy neighbor," didn 't live

has smaller holes that smell better!! 66 What's the difference between a bowling ball and an Ohio girl? You can only fit three fingers in a bowling ball! '{:( '{:( '{:( How do you brainwash an Ohio woman? Step on her douchbag! '{:( '{:( 67 '{:( 10 EXTRA: HATE MAIL When m?' ~ds first came out in Michigan requesting Ohio JOkes, a Cleveland radio station picked up on the s.tor:. They gave .out my address daily, and urged therr listeners to wnte me and tell me just what they thought

*** Why are there no ice cubes in Ohio? They lost the recipe! 17 The Ohio couple adopted a three-month-old war orphan and decided to learn Vietnamese so they'd understand what the baby was saying when it grew up! ! *** What is 41,222 square miles and has an I.Q. of 210? Ohio. *** Why don 't Ohio workers get lunch breaks? Because they'd have to retrain them afterwards! *** Did you hear what happened to the Cleveland library? Someone stole the book! 18 Do you know why you won 't find many

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