The Rat-a-tat Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 6)

The Rat-a-tat Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 85


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A cosy house surrounded by snow-covered hills seems a perfect place to spend the Christmas holidays, but the peace is disturbed by unexplained noises. What is it that Snubby can hear coming from the cellar? He goes to investigate and mysteriously vanishes!

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they could walk quite well - though none of them except Barney felt that they could possibly climb up a hill dragging a toboggan behind them. �The snow’s just right for snowballing!” called Diana, gathering some into her gloved hand. They all wore leather gloves, knowing from experience how woollen ones became soaked at once, and then the cold bit their fingers and chilled them through and through. �I’ll take Diana for my side, and you two can be together,” said Barney. �Diana, you can make me

Honestly, you really are a loony dog!” Snubby listened to see if there were any more noises upstairs. He rubbed his bruises and decided to go up to the locked cellar door and see if he could hear anything useful. So up he went, Loony pressing behind. He could hear low voices, but could not make out a word. �They’re moving that box they put down in the kitchen,” he thought. �Putting it outside with the others, I expect. What’s in them, I wonder? And where are they going to put them? I might have

boathouse. Let’s go carefully in case the men are there.” So they went very carefully indeed, not talking or laughing, and not allowing Loony to bark even a small bark. The boathouse loomed up, all white, with a new layer of snow on the roof. The toboggan tracks, still deeply indented in the snow, led right round the boathouse to the front of it, where the lake itself began. There the tracks stopped. �It looks as if the men brought the boxes here, and unloaded them into the boathouse,” said

was it? He looked to see and gave a little exclamation. �A cigarette packet - like the one Barney found in the boathouse. One of the men must have thrown it away last night, when he arrived at the boathouse with the toboggans.” He went back to the others and showed them the packet. �Same as before,” he said. �The man must have chucked it away over the lake.” Barney took it to compare with the packet he had found in the boathouse. �Just the same,” he said. �Hallo, it’s not empty. It’s

can’t imag…” He stopped as Mrs. Tickle came running into the room, looking excited. �I’ve found out how they came in,” she said. �Through my larder window! It’s never had a very good catch, and they’ve forced it, so that they could climb in. Then they shut it after they went, and I never noticed that the catch was broken.” They all went to examine the broken catch. �Yes, you’re right,” said Snubby. �They got in this way. My word, what a big larder this is, Mrs. Tickle. And, I say, look at that

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