The Sleeping Giant Of Goll (The Secrets Of Droon #6)

The Sleeping Giant Of Goll (The Secrets Of Droon #6)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0590108441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lord Sparr has found a new weapon to use against the city of Droon. He's woken up a mean old giant that will now obey his every command! It's a good thing Eric, Julie, and Neal are around to help their friends try to stop Lord Sparr. It's a giant job, but somebody's got to do it!

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friend, Neal Kroger, slid in quietly. “What’s to eat?” Neal asked. Eric stared at him. “Never mind food,” he said. “What did you dream about last night?” Neal took a deep breath. “The usual. Pizza.” Eric moaned. “Pizza? No wonder you’re hungry.” “In my dream I was sitting in the middle of a humongous pizza,” Neal said. “And I had to eat my way out to the crust. What about you?” Eric sighed. “I was hitting a metal garbage can with a broomstick. Bing, bang, bong all night.” “Did it wake your

was. It was a feather from Keeah’s mother, Queen Relna. A spell had transformed her into a white falcon. But she had changed shape again. No one knew what shape the queen had now. The princess smiled, touching the feather again. “This makes me feel as if she is with me.” Zzzzt! “What’s that sound? Are we leaking?” Neal said, whirling on his seat. “Because I don’t like leaks when I’m in a sub.” “It is Galen’s magic mirror,” said Max. “It has something for us to see….” The wizard stepped

hills lay a small valley. “Holy cow!” Julie said. The valley lay torn open. Piles of sand-colored rocks were strewn about. Flying lizards called groggles whined loudly as they helped to pull large stones out of the ground. Lord Sparr stood by while hundreds of his red warrior Ninns dug away at the earth. “They’re digging up the whole tomb,” Keeah said. “They’ve dug up the resting place of Zor.” “He won’t be resting long,” Max said. “Look!” Two Ninns dragged a heavy box across the dirt. Eric

“No!” Batamogi cried. “Oh, my poor people!” Thomp! Thomp! The earth quaked with each step. A thick cloud of dust poured over the kids. Eric shielded his eyes, but the dust stung him. “I can’t see anything,” he said, stumbling. Julie rushed to him. “Rub your eyes, Eric.” He balled up his fists and rubbed his eyes to clear them. “Thanks. Now let’s get out of here.” Julie stared at Eric. She gasped. She whirled to her feet. “That’s it! Come on, everybody! We can stop this nasty metal-brained

raised his giant arms in front of his face. He backed away, pawing at the spinning wind. “He can’t see,” Eric said. “It’s working!” Zor backed up to the summit of the highest hill. He shielded his eyes with one hand and swatted the brown spinning air with the other. Still the dust storm came at him. Zor stepped backward once more. Krrrakk! The ledge beneath him gave way. “AHHH!” the giant screamed. He tumbled backward off the mountain and hit the valley below with a thundering crash.

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