The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture

The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0671799657

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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and possibly specialized in insects; in other words, despite the new situation, both groups continued to eat what they had been eating when the dinosaurs were still around. Thus, there was no one to molest the millions of large, hairy, milk-fed animals who soon evolved to roam the fertile forests left them by the dinosaurs, browsing the trees and bushes without much fear of predators. The early herbivores became a vast, slow-moving food supply which eventually even they themselves could not

miles lived about thirty people, ten or more lions, a cheetah, a leopard, and at least five hyenas, or approximately fifty large, predatory creatures, all of them hunting the same antelope population, all of them drinking from the same waterhole. Helping to minimize the chance of meeting was the habit of the different groups to use the area and its resources at different times—the people and the cheetah by day and the other predators by night. Time of day was particularly important for the

passenger’s seat, and Holly in the back seat, we thought we were watching carefully and seeing everything, so we were more than surprised when the face of a lioness suddenly appeared by Katy’s shoulder, framed in the right front window. How had so big a creature managed to creep up on us? A lion had come with her, we soon learned, but of the two she was the more curious. He was more or less hiding and seemed to be waiting for her to do something. What that might be we weren’t sure. We suspected

1960s. The trainer was a beautiful woman with black hair, and the animal was a handsome lion with a black mane. These two also walked side by side and unrestrained from the door of the arena to a big swing, which they mounted. The lion sat on his haunches while the woman stood astride him, and then, in perfect silence, they began to swing. Higher and higher they swung until they were flying out over the heads of the audience. And at the limit of each arc the lion roared. Do captive cats

valiant Eddie; the gray Christmas with her pure white stockings; the mauve, mottled Lilac; and the black wondercat Rajah, all for the insights they have afforded to anyone who would take the trouble to watch them over time. For information about training housecats as circus performers I’d like to thank Dominique La Font and his very accomplished cats, Piggie, Sharkey, Spot, and Mars, whose wonderful work can be seen in Key West on Mallory Pier every evening at sunset; for his observations of

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