Thomas and the Great Discovery (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)

Thomas and the Great Discovery (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0375851534

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas and all the other engines are working hard. At the end of a long day, Thomas discovers an old track that long ago fell into disuse. As the track becomes more and more overgrown, Thomas thinks he must be lost, until he pulls into a forgotten town that has been abandoned for fifty years. Thomas and a new Really Useful Engine named Stanley are asked to fix up the old town, but first they need to learn to cooperate.

Based on a new full-length Thomas TV special and DVD, this tale has an exciting mystery element and is sure to become a Little Golden Book classic!

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happily. But Thomas didn’t notice the junction ahead! The freight car whizzed to the right. But Thomas sped to the left … and saw that the tunnel ahead was blocked! “Oh, no!” cried Thomas, and he crashed straight through the blocked tunnel and jumped the track! Now Thomas was deep in the mine in a dark tunnel. To top it all off, his fire had gone out! His boiler would soon grow cold. And there was no one around to hear his whistle. The next morning, Stanley and the other engines

back on the track in no time!” Soon Stanley was coupled up to Thomas. He pulled and tugged. Thomas was heavy, but Stanley didn’t give up. “I can do it!” Stanley wheeshed, and with a mighty heave, he pulled his friend back onto the track. “Hooray!” tooted Thomas. Then there was a very loud crack! The valve in Stanley’s boiler had burst! Stanley was a strong engine … but pulling Thomas had been too much. Now Stanley couldn’t move! “Don’t worry!” whistled Thomas. “It’s my turn to

the town of Great Waterton!” boomed Sir Topham Hatt. Lady Hatt snipped the ribbon. “We’re all Really Useful Engines,” puffed Thomas happily. He couldn’t have been prouder! Christmas in Wellsworth Easter in Harwick Halloween in Anopha James and the Red Balloon Misty Island Rescue The Special Delivery Steam Engine Stories Stuck in the Mud* Thomas and the Shooting Star Thomas’ Christmas Delivery Thomas-saurus Rex Track Stars! Trouble in the Tunnel* *A STEP INTO READING®

was overgrown, rusty, and very old. There were crumbling platforms, and the station building was covered in ivy. Thomas had never seen such an amazing sight! “What a funny place to have a station!” he peeped, and looked around some more. “There are so many buildings. It looks like an old town!” he cried. “I cannot wait to tell everyone about this!” So Thomas bumped and bashed along the old track and finally made his way down to the wharf. The next day, the news of Thomas’ discovery

Waterton. Then he remembered seeing an old freight car stuck in front of the abandoned Morgan’s Mine. “I’ll bring that last one in and Sir Topham Hatt will give me my old job back.” Thomas smiled. At last, Thomas found the old freight car, and he buffered up. But he biffed the car too hard. It rolled forward and disappeared into the mine! “Cinders and ashes!” exclaimed Thomas. “Where did it go?” He moved ahead and peered inside. “I must finish the job!” he huffed. “I’ll soon find that

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