Uncle and the Battle for Badgertown

Uncle and the Battle for Badgertown

Language: English

Pages: 176


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The sixth book about Uncle, the millionaire elephant who has a B.A. degree, begins with the Badgertown police seizing the belongings of Beaver Hateman, Uncle’s enemy, because he has refused to pay his rates. And it ends with a tremendous fight, using egg bombs and duck bombs, between the Hateman gang and Uncle’s supporters for possession of the Town Hall, and for the Great Mace, chief treasure of Badgertown.

With the help of a new follower, the dog Brass – who has a bark that makes the ears tingle – Uncle continues the exploration of the great castle of Homeward. He opens the baffling Closed Gallery, discovers the fabulous Jewel Room and visits Mrs Witch, who is threatening the trade of Wizard Blenkinsop.

The most hilarious adventures come at Christmas ( the time of year that the author, the late J.P. Martin, loved best) when Uncle goes shopping and attends Dr Lyre’s end-of-term party at the Academy. There is a sing-song round a Christmas tree so big that the guests can climb up into it to get their presents. Of course there is a mysterious gate-crasher hiding in the topmost branches. Who?

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in the floor. It grew stronger and stronger, and Goodman, being light, was blown up past Uncle and disappeared. Lucy had to dig her claws into Uncle’s dressing-gown not to get blown off too. The One-Armed Badger and the Old Monkey hung on to Uncle’s legs. There was now a mighty wind blowing from the holes. It roared, and then changed into a scream. All at once even Uncle was lifted, and they were travelling swiftly up a dark shaft. It was alarming, but didn’t last long. They felt a grating slide

change. This notice had a design of painted doves round the words: Our steps are light and feel like wings; Each passage glorious wonder brings. “That is not true,” said Uncle. “We will stop for lunch here.” The One-Armed Badger soon set out quite a sumptuous little feast. He had brought some coconuts and plenty of Koolvat as well as a lot of sandwiches. They were all feeling more cheerful when they heard slow steps coming along the corridor just above them. “So there is actually someone

parents clapped. Uncle didn’t look very pleased, cither. To tell the truth Uncle is thoroughly sick of being praised for opening the drinking fountains. He stood up and said: “While the cards are being passed round I would like to ask my helpers Cloutman and Gubbins, who are waiting at the back of the hall, to bring in my travelling-bag.” This time the cheers were really enthusiastic, and grew louder and louder as the immense bag was brought in. In the bag were mechanical models of all

Noddy Ninety to stick in my photograph album.” “Would you?” said Dr Lyre, amazed. “How curious! A photograph of Noddy Ninety is the last thing I would want for my album. Still, your word is law, and as we have an official school photograph taken every summer no doubt I can oblige you.” While Dr Lyre was looking for the photograph a number of the parents came up to Uncle and asked what prospects there were of their sons finding work at Homeward after they had finished at the Academy. Uncle told

If you’ve got a pencil I can write it down.” Uncle tore a leaf out of his diary and Lucy flew down and collected it and a pencil and then flew up again. For a time there was silence except for the faint sound of Lucy’s scribbling. At last she flew down and handed the page to Uncle. “You’d better read it, Goodman,” said Uncle. “I’ve left my glasses at home.” This is what Goodman read out: “An elephant only can open this room And it must be an elephant in full bloom. Let him stand straight

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