Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 169

ISBN: 0749744847

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The girls are in a higher form now. This year there is the tension of exams for the first time, but there is all the fun of the summer term as well - and the high spirits of a lively and imaginative form of girls.

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when the Honourable Clarissa came. How pleased her mother would be if she had a really nice friend! Gwendoline ran her mind back over the friends she had tried to make. There was Mary-Lou—stupid little Mary-Lou! There was Daphne, who had seemed to be so very friendly one term, and lien had suddenly become friends with Mary-Lou! There was Mavis, who had had such a wonderful voice and was going to be an opera singer. Gwendoline would have liked such a grand person for a friend in after life. But

can forgive a first-former going away from home for the first time—but a fifteen-year-old, no!” “Well, it doesn’t last long,” said Sally. “Gwendoline won’t even bother to remember to wave to her mother, I’m sure, once she gets into the carriage.” Sally’s mother was talking to Darrell’s parents. There were no tears or protestations there! Darrell was thankful that her mother and father were so sensible. She looked at Felicity, and was pleased to see her young sister looking interested and happy.

she at last came out with what she wanted to ask—and handed over her old nurse’s invitation. “Yes. You can go there for tea, so long as you take another girl with you,” said Miss Williams, thinking what an unattractive child Clarissa was, with her thick-lensed glasses and the wire round her teeth. She couldn’t help looking so plain, of course—but that dreadful hang-dog expression she always wore made it worse! The day of the picnic dawned bright and clear, and promised to be lovely and hot “A

and fetch them?” An Exciting Plan “You go after them, Gwen,” said Clarissa, urgently. “I daren’t tear up that steep hill. They’ll be half-way up by now.” “No, indeed, Miss Clarissa, I wouldn’t dream of you racing up that hill, and you only just recovering from that bad heart of yours,” said Mrs. Lucy at once. “I meant this other girl to go.” Gwendoline was certainly not going to go chasing up Langley Hill in the hot sun, to fetch back people she disliked, to enjoy a fine tea. Let them go

She gazed angrily after the two girls, and was only slightly mollified when Felicity turned round and gave her a sweet and rather apologetic smile. “The brazen cheek of that little pest of a June!” thought Darrell. “I’ve never wanted to slap anyone so much in my life.” All Together Again Going to bed on the first night was always fun, especially in the summer term, because then the windows were wide open, daylight was still bright, and the view was glorious. It was lovely to be with so many

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