USA (Horrible Histories Special)

USA (Horrible Histories Special)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 140711185X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The complete horrible history of the world's greatest power - with the nasty bits left in! From cruel Columbus and the first savage settlers to the wicked Wild West and beyond!

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man built a platform outside the camp where, for 10 cents, locals could come and watch the Rebels suffering. Awful Andersonville Rebs made the Yankees suffer just as much. • 41,000 Yankee soldiers were sent to the Reb camp at Andersonville. 13,000 died. Sometimes 100 per day. • For the first few months the prisoners had no tools to bury the dead. • All water came from a stream – called the Sweetwater – it was also the only sewer. Sweet, huh? • There was little shelter – prisoners blistered

others are blanched with thirst and many suffer horrible pain, yet there are few groans or complaints. That’s war. That’s what the Rebs and Yanks did to one another. Potty presidents The Americans weren’t very keen on being ruled by King George – or King Anybody for that matter. Instead they decided to vote for their top banana and call him President. The US President is supposed to be the most powerful person on earth these days. The problem is presidents are only human. And human beings do

cheese. He couldn’t eat it all, so what did he do? He had another White House party. The cheese was trodden into the rug and smashed into the furniture. The furniture smelled dreadful for a very long time … unless you were a White House white mouse, of course. 6 President Gerald Ford (1974–77) Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was visiting the White House and the President invited her to dance. As they stepped out on to the dance floor the orchestra played ‘The Lady is a Tramp’. As Queen Victoria

his real name was Henry McCarty. • He did NOT kill his first victim when he was 12. Billy was 18 when he killed a blacksmith called ‘Windy’ Cahill after an argument. Billy didn’t even own a gun and killed him with Windy’s own gun. His life of crime started with the glorious theft of some laundry! • Billy did NOT kill 21 people before he was 21. He probably killed eight at the most in his whole life. • Billy was NOT a handsome hero. He was most famous for his rabbit teeth – a sort of Bugs Bunny

of a lie-in! (This is like you choosing Christmas to drop stink-bombs through the letterbox of your nasty neighbour. You just wouldn’t choose that day, would you?) Cheat 3 His men attacked the Hessians in their beds. They didn’t just jump on them and say, ‘Happy Christmas – you’re a prisoner!’ No! They said, ‘Happy Christmas – you’re dead!’ and killed a hundred. Was Georgie a fair fighter? Does Father Christmas have a purple beard? No! No! No! Hessian horrors One-third of Georgie’s British

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