Villainous Victorians (Horrible Histories)

Villainous Victorians (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 44

ISBN: 1407104314

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Vicious Victorian history with extra nasty bits! Not content with being totally vile, those nasty Victorians want to horrify you with even more of their villainous deeds. Such as writing revolting poetry, speaking in slovenly criminal slang, and frightening burglars with bogies! How very yucky indeed!!

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cruel even for the Victorians and when the fair reached Clerkenwell it was banned. Terrible timeline 1870s–1890s Talk like a villainous Victorian Now you may think you’re smarter than those villainous Victorian kids who never went to school (lucky kids!). And if you met one, they might struggle to understand you! But the truth is you, with all your schooling, would find it just as hard to understand them! You got that? No? Oh, well here’s what those words mean… --> Villainous Victorian

children – and were left to rot in slums and die of disease. And the government could be criminally useless too. They sent men off to fight in the Crimean War against Russia, but… 3 Dr Neill Cream Crime: Serial killing For some reason the Victorian age was the age of the poisoner, and Neill Cream was one of the deadliest. Dr Cream went to prison in the United States for murdering three women and a man. But they released him so he could come to Britain and kill still more. (Thanks, America.)

old were up to this trick. Sometimes they used girls to get the shopkeeper’s mind off his till by talking to him. They thought shopkeepers would trust girls more than boys. Hmm. The boy was eight years old when, in 1855, he was flogged and locked in prison for stealing a few plums. Did you know…? There’s a game that has been played ever since doors were invented. But in the 1850s it was against the law and children who were caught could go to prison… Young people could also be locked up for

gasped with horror. A powerful old man with a grey beard stepped out. He wore a tight black cap and a dark cloak. He was the grimmest and ugliest man the child had ever seen. She shrank behind her mother’s skirts. ‘That’s William Calcraft – the executioner,’ the man explained. ‘A butcher. His victims always die a slow and painful death. I don’t know why they keep him in the job.’ ‘Because no one else would do it,’ the woman said. She was pushed in the back as the crowd jostled and surged

believed him when he said he hurt no one. They said the police bribed and bullied people to say they saw Barrett at the scene of the Clerkenwell explosion. Barrett had to die to make it look as if Victoria’s police were doing their job. Many years after Barrett’s death, another Fenian admitted that he planted the bomb that exploded at Clerkenwell. Barrett was innocent. So the police were suspected of telling porkies. Charles Dickens was so sickened by public hangings that he was one of the

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