Who Is Neil Armstrong?

Who Is Neil Armstrong?

Roberta Edwards

Language: English

Pages: 21

ISBN: B0140DH456

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

[The book was published in 2008, i.e. when armstrong was still alive.]

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and, to an audience of over 450 million people, proclaimed his step a “giant leap for mankind.”

This Eagle Scout built his own model planes as a little boy and then grew up to be a test pilot for experimental aircraft before becoming an astronaut.

Over 100 black-and-white illustrations bring Armstrong's story to life.

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exciting to watch it crash on the driveway. Neil belonged to a Boy Scout troop for many years. In fact, Neil became an Eagle Scout, the highest level in scouting. It was the 1940s by this time, and the United States was fighting against Germany in World War II. Neil and the other scouts made models of different enemy planes. No warplanes ever came anywhere near Ohio. Still, if one had, Neil could have identified it right away! Neil read airplane magazines; he drew detailed sketches of his

through Christmas but died at home with her family on a Sunday morning in January of 1962. People who knew the Armstrongs said they seemed to age overnight. How could something so terrible have happened? For some people, talking about a tragedy helps them bear the pain. But not for Neil Armstrong. He kept the sadness to himself. He never spoke about Muffie’s death then or ever. New friends often didn’t realize that Neil Armstrong once had a daughter. A week after Muffie died, Neil went back

astronaut program until 1978. (The U.S.S.R. sent a woman cosmonaut into space in 1963.) Neil went back and forth about whether to apply. As a test pilot, he was used to flying planes all by himself, being in charge, and making all the decisions during a flight. As an astronaut, he would be inside a spacecraft guided mainly by automatic controls. The top engineers at the NASA command center in Houston would be in charge of every flight. But the dream of reaching the moon was a powerful one. And

it turned out that the problem was with a faulty thruster, a small rocket engine that provides forward motion. It was NASA’s mistake, not Neil’s. Neil had a much closer call on May 6, 1968, during a training exercise. He was piloting a vehicle called the “flying bedstead” because it looked a little like a mattress. It had been a routine flight. Neil was less than two hundred feet from landing on the ground. With no warning, the flying bedstead began to spin out of control. Neil had to eject

looked as if there were a summertime blizzard! Neil and his crewmates not only toured the United States, they visited twenty-one other countries on what was called the Giant Leap Tour. The Apollo 11 astronauts were world famous, Neil Armstrong most of all. Neil had never liked attention. He was happiest soaring above Earth, flying in a plane. In the years after his trip to the moon, he has tried to live a much quieter life. He became a professor at a college in Ohio. He bought a farm.

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