Winter of the Ice Wizard (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Winter of the Ice Wizard (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375873953

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bestselling, fan-favorite chapter-book series sends Jack and Annie on a chilling rescue mission!

Merlin the magician and Morgan le Fay have disappeared, and in order to find them, Jack and Annie journey with their friends Teddy and Kathleen to the Land-Behind-the-Clouds, a frozen kingdom of ice and snow. There they must overcome their fears and solve the Ice Wizard's riddle, because if Jack and Annie don't complete their mission in time, Merlin and Morgan will disappear forever!

Magic Tree House books are New York Times bestsellers. The series' irresistible mix of magic, myth, history, and mystery has inspired a love of reading in countless children all over the world. Find out why with Winter of the Ice Wizard!

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“Indeed, you are heroes,” he said breathlessly. “Not really,” Jack murmured. The wizard looked again at his eye inside the hailstone. Then, with a quick movement, he slammed the ice chunk against the arm of his throne. Jack and Annie gasped and stepped back. The wizard slammed the hailstone against his throne again. This time, the ice cracked. The wizard gently pried his eye out of the heart of the hailstone. He lifted the frozen eyeball into the air and studied it in the light. Then, with an

and snow boots. You’re going to a very cold land where very weird things happen.… The fetters shall break And the wolf run free. Secret things I know And onward see. —From The Poetic Edda A cold wind rattled the windowpanes. But inside the house, it was warm and cozy. Jack and Annie were making Christmas cookies with their mom. Jack pressed a star-shaped cookie cutter into the dough. “Hey, it’s snowing outside,” said Annie. Jack looked out the window. Huge snow-flakes were falling

palace windows. Annie stepped forward. “Um—excuse me,” she said. The wizard looked at her. “My sister has returned home,” he said with wonder. “I can see with both eyes now. I can see perfectly.” “I’m glad,” said Annie. “But now you must give Merlin and Morgan back to us.” The wizard looked at his sister. She nodded. The wizard held out Merlin’s Staff of Strength. “Use this to bring them back,” he said. “Hold it tightly and call out for them.” He gave the staff to Annie. Annie could barely

“Are you taking us on another Merlin Mission?” said Annie. “Not exactly,” said Teddy. “Merlin has a most important mission for you. But this time, we will not be going along.” “Oh, no!” said Annie. “What if we need your magic to help us?” Teddy and Kathleen looked at each other and smiled. Then Kathleen turned back to Jack and Annie. “Morgan thinks you may be ready to use magic on your own,” she said. “Really?” said Jack. “Yes,” said Teddy, “but Merlin is very cautious about sharing magic

work the way we expect them to. The Ice Wizard has no wisdom! The Frost Giant has no sight! You must go now and finish the story.” The three sisters smiled at their visitors. Their skinny fingers fluttered over their weaving like butterflies over flowers. Jack couldn’t help smiling back at them. But then he thought about Merlin and Morgan. He thought about all the dangers waiting outside. “One last question,” he said. “What’s the story of the two white wolves?” “Oh, the wolves!” said the blue

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