Without a Doubt

Without a Doubt

Marcia Clark, Teresa Carpenter

Language: English

Pages: 180


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Marcia Clark was the chief prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial that she believes is indicative of a cri minal justice system in crisis. She offers her own opinions on the trial and what needs to be done to make US justice wo rk more effectively. '

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Stone of Destiny














O. J. Simpson would follow Nicole when she went out in the evening. Once Nicole and a party of friends showed up at the Mezza una in Beverly Hills, where Zlomsowitch was on duty. As he was sitting with her at her table, he noticed O. J. Simpson pull his car up to the parking attendant. Simpson came in and went directly to Nicole’s table. He leaned over, stared at Zlomsowitch, and said, “I’m O. J. Simpson and she’s still my wife.” “How would you describe his tone of voice?” I asked. “Serious, if

have been the escape attempt of a guilty man, one of the female blacks shot back with a defense of Simpson, referring to him as “my man O.J.” The racial divide did not come as any great shock to us. As early as the second week of the investigation our grand jury adviser, Terry White, had come to us warning that a couple of black female jurors seemed protective of Simpson. They’d gone so far as to say that Nicole “got what she’d deserved.” What was disturbing to me was how the popular media had

joint across the street from Cantor’s. It had only about ten glass-topped tables, seating forty at most. On the walls hung posters of Israel. A tape of popular Israeli music played nonstop. The owners didn’t object to patrons nursing cups of coffee for hours rather than spending money on dinner. This made it a great favorite of the Israelis, and of the girls looking for Israelis. It was there I met my first husband. I wasn’t looking for a husband, or even a boyfriend. I had no desire to be

ever written to a celebrity?” Certain questions taken together provided internal checks. If, for instance, a juror wrote that he watched news on three channels daily, and yet insisted that he had no knowledge of the Simpson case, we’d have some reason to believe that he was being less than truthful. I have to say that in this instance Lance Ito really came through for us. He gave us almost every question we asked for. Of course, he gave the defense almost everything they asked for, as well.

remnants of some lost civilization. In the midst of the most media-saturated city in the world, we’d somehow managed to find three hundred human beings who claimed never to watch television, listen to the radio, or read newspapers. These pristine souls insisted that they didn’t know any thing about a case that permeated every streetcorner conversation between East L.A. and Santa Monica. Under questioning, however, this astounding phenomenon would prove illusory. When we pressed the jurors for

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