Wonderful Stories for Children

Wonderful Stories for Children

Hans Christian Andersen

Language: English

Pages: 103

ISBN: 1492302333

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wonderful Stories for Children Revolves around 10 unrelated stories for children. It will open up your child's imagination and bring a sense of righteousness through these stories as they promote a sense of kindness, caring and equality.

When Marnie Was There

Wicked Words (Horrible Histories Special)

You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum! (Mr Gum, Book 1)

Rebellion (Starbounders, Book 2)











where the sun never shone. She could not help weeping as she told him. ?The cold winter is just at hand,? said the little swallow; ?I am going far away to the warm countries, wilt thou go with me? Thou canst sit upon my back; bind thyself fast with thy girdle, and so we will fly away from the rich mole and his dark parlour, far away over the mountains, to the warm countries, where the sun shines more beautifully than here, and where there always is summer, and where the beautiful flowers are

behind; gnats danced about, and cockchafers said hum, hum! They all came following Yalmar, and you may think what a deal they had to tell him. It was a regular voyage! Now the woods were so thick and so dark舒now they were like the most beautiful garden, with sunshine and flowers; and in the midst of them there stood great castles of glass and of marble. Upon the balconies of these castles stood princesses, and every one of them were the little girls whom Yalmar knew very well, and with whom he

their green leaves; that is just as intelligible as if they talked.? ?Can the professor understand pantomime?? inquired Ida. ?Yes, that thou mayst believe! He came one morning down into his garden, and saw a tall yellow nettle pantomiming to a beautiful red carnation, and it was all the same as if it had said, 9Thou art so handsome, that I am very fond of thee!9 The professor was not pleased with that, and struck the nettle upon its leaves, which are its fingers; but they stung him so, that

said ?Fy! what a naughty boy that Love is! I will tell all good little children about him, that they may drive him away before he makes them some bad return!? All good children, boys and girls, to whom he told this, drove away that naughty little lad; but for all that he has made fools of them all, for he is so artful! When students go from their lectures, he walks by their side with a book under his arm, and they fancy that he too is a student, and so he runs an arrow into their breasts. When

her the honey of the flowers to eat, and said that she was very pretty, although she was not at all like a stag-beetle. Before long, all the other stag-beetles that lived in the tree came to pay her a visit; they looked at Tommelise; and the misses stag-beetle, they examined her with their antennae, and said,舒? Why, she has only two legs, that is very extraordinary!? ?She has no antennae!? said the others. ?She has such a thin body! Why she looks just like a human being!? ?How ugly she is!? said

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